Salty Simulations 747-8 Mod updated to v0.3.0, brings EFIS re-design, SimBrief integration, VNAV improvements

Several months after the last update, Salty Simulations finally released a new version of the 747-8 mod. Now at version 0.3.0, this popular modification to the stock 747 brings a host of new features and aesthetic improvements.

Salty’s 747-8 Mod was quite popular in the early months of the Flight Simulator 2020’s history, enhancing the handicapped default 747 with some very appreciate additions. It has since been flying under the radar, without any new updates since the latest version from last November. Thankfully, the developers are now updating their “Queen of the Skies” with many new features and fixes.

What you will probably notice first is the redesign of all the displays. There’s now a new font, new waypoint icons and other general visual improvements to the PFD, ND and EICAS. The EICAS has seen some major improvements, with new memos and advisory messages.

Salty Simulations 747 mod 0.3.0 MSFS 5
Salty Simulations 747 mod 0.3.0 MSFS 5
Salty Simulations 747 mod 0.3.0 MSFS 4
Salty Simulations 747 mod 0.3.0 MSFS 4

One new feature that will certainly make you happy is the inclusion of SimBrief integration. Get your flight plans directly in the FMC, finally!

Also seriously improved in this new version is the 747’s VNAV capability. The aircraft will now maintain V2 speed until reaching ACC Altitude, among others adjustments. In the FMC, besides the aforementioned SimBrief integration, you can now request WX/METAR and ATIS reports.

You can read the entire changelog below, or check the official GitHub page, where you can also download this new release. There’s also a Discord server where you can get support and follow the development progress.

Salty Simulations 747 mod 0.3.0 MSFS 0
The redesigned EFIS.

v.0.3.0 CHANGELOG:

[FLIGHT DIRECTOR] New smooth rotation command when VNAV armed/V2 set for takeoff.
[MISC] Added custom-made Boeing font to EFIS.
[MISC] Added option in FMC to switch units between LBS and KGS.
[VNAV] Maintains approx V2 speed from liftoff until ACC ALT.
[VNAV] Automatic Thrust Reduction at altitude specified in TAKEOFF REF fmc page.
[VNAV] Automatic Acceleration Profile beginning at altitude specified in TAKEOFF REF fmc page, with proper flap retraction schedule.
[VNAV] Flies climb profile/speeds up to CRZ alt based on aircraft weight using approximation of Econ speeds.
[VNAV] New slightly higher default VNAV CRZ at .845 mach.
[VNAV] Descent speed initially .845/340KIAS until approx 10500′ then slows to 240KIAS.
[VNAV] Adjusted descent mode criteria to reduce inadvertent triggering.
[VNAV] Autothrottle now correctly engages in SPD mode when leveling in VNAV PTH.
[VNAV] New VNAV CLB and CRZ pages on FMC (Not fully functional).
[FMC] Added Simbrief Integration.
[FMC] Added WX/METAR and ATIS requests.
[FMC] Default thrust rating now TO.
[FMC] Default climb rating now CLB.
[FMC] VREF25 and 30 now calculated from current weight using real aircraft data.
[FMC] Flap Maneuver Speeds displayed reflect real aircraft values for current weight.
[FMC] REF speed bug now displays correct value on PFD.
[FMC] New Takeoff Ref page matching real aircraft layout.
[FMC] Redesigned Progress Page.
[FLIGHT MODEL] Engine fuel flow increased to more realistic figure.
[SOUND] Enabled some missing Asobo sounds (GPWS Alt Callouts, V1 Callout, Speedbrake servo extension, A/P disc).
[PFD] Visual redesign of all instrumentation on PFD.
[PFD] New Flight Path Vector display.
[PFD] Minimums settable now in 10FT increments.
[PFD] Fixed VMO/MMO on speedtape.
[PFD] V1/VR hides after takeoff and next flap maneuvering speed now shows on speedtape.
[PFD] Stall speed red tape and amber band now varies with G Load.
[ND] Visual redesign of all instrumentation on ND.
[ND] New ND symbology and colours.
[ND] Added VOR/ADF L/R needles and ident/DME info. (Tune in NAV/RAD page).
[ND] Bing map airport display now hidden when turning ARPT switch off.
[ND] Small airports (<2500M Runway) are now filtered out from ND ARPT display.
[ND] Removed DECEL waypoint.
[ND] Removed NDBs from STA display.
[EICAS] Visual redesign of all instrumentation on upper and lower EICAS.
[EICAS] Added Arrows to Fuel Synoptic to show active transfer of RES1&4 and HST fuel.
[EICAS] Stab Trim indicator now properly functional.
[EICAS] New EICAS message logic, adds Advisory message category and correctly displays Memo messages at bottom of list.
[EICAS] New APU RUNNING memo message.
[EICAS] New AUTOBRAKE 1/2/3/4/MAX/RTO memo.
[EICAS] New DOOR ENTRY L1/R5 advisories.
[EICAS] New ICING advisory.
[EICAS] New BLEED 1/2/3/4 advisories.
[EICAS] New FUEL QTY LOW caution.
[EICAS] New OVERSPEED warning.
[MODEL] Added pilot models to interior model (Optional can be configured in FMC).
[MODEL] Updated camera instrument/quickview positions.
[MODEL] Fixed LOD draw distance on external model.
[MISC] Fixed minor bugs