Orbx releases Caernarfon Airport (EGCK) for MSFS

The British Isles are getting some love from developers lately, with a series of airport releases that increase the variety of bespoke airfields to explore in this region of the world. Orbx has been particularly active, now with the release of Caernarfon Airport, after last week’s launch of Shoreham (Brighton) Airport and Elstree Aerodrome.

Caernarfon Airport (EGCK) is located in Wales, just southwest of the historical town with the same name. It’s a great location to explore some very interesting points of interest nearby. Snowdonia National Park is just a few miles away, and going a little more to the south you will find the famous Mach Loop, where fighter jets and other military planes go train low-level flights.

If you fancy some urban sightseeing, Liverpool and Manchester are just a short flight away too. As you can see, Caernarfon airport is very well located, with plenty to see around it, a perfect spot to explore Wales and northern England. And after the UK update, you have a huge variety of sightseeing opportunities everywhere in the islands.

Caernarfon Airport MSFS 4
Caernarfon Airport MSFS 4
Caernarfon Airport MSFS 3
Caernarfon Airport MSFS 3
Caernarfon Airport MSFS 2
Caernarfon Airport MSFS 2

Caernarfon Airport was developed by Orbx developer Tony Wroblewski, and it’s modeled with a truly impressive level of detail. The developer used extensive real-world photographs and visits to the real place in order to replicate it with the most accuracy. The airport has been extensively renovated since the 2000s, and all these recent extensions and buildings have been included here.

Caernarfon Airport is now available through Orbx Direct for around €10 / £9.

Main Features

  • Bespoke hand-painted ground textures for the immediate airport area
  • Dynamic people and animals that will change based on time of year and day.
  • High definition, hand-crafted 30cm/px imagery for the surrounding area
  • Custom and unique built ground vehicles and aircraft
  • Accurately and superbly modelled buildings
  • Detailed 3D fencing, signage and equipment
  • High definition hand-crafted PBR materials for the airport buildings
  • Historic RAF Llandwrog buildings
  • Surrounding POIs such as Morfa Holiday Park, Fort Belan and farmland buildings
  • Optimized for best performance and works seamlessly with World Update 3 and UK North POI region