Orbx releases Shoreham Airport and Elstree Aerodrome for MSFS

UK pilots are having a good day today, with the release of some very interesting new airports from renowned publishers. After the release of Perranporth Airfield earlier this morning, from Aerosoft, we now see Orbx releasing not one but two new airports: Shoreham (Brighton) Airport and Elstree Aerodrome are now available for MSFS, and you can get a nice 20% discount when buying both at the same time!

Shoreham Airport (EGKA) is particularly notable here, as the oldest airport in the UK and a well known location for general aviation in the country. EGKA is located in a beautiful spot, with the picturesque British countryside and southern shoreline serving as the perfect canvas to fly around this historic airfield.

The second airport, Elstree Aerodrome (EGTR), is also a general aviation destination, this time located in close proximity to London, thus providing plenty of opportunities for some varied sightseeing in either the urban center or the countryside.

Both of these airfields have been recreated by Orbx with the studio’s typical quality and attention to detail. These are both charming places, each with its own character, that any private pilot will appreciate visiting and explore for the ultimate immersive experience of being a British aviator!

Shoreham (Brighton) Airport and Elstree Aerodrome are now available through Orbx direct, both for around £10.