Working Title G3000 mod now supports Navigraph charts and standby flight plans

Working Title continues their truly exceptional work on bringing a host of new features and improvements to a series of default systems in MSFS. The G3000 mod is one of the most popular projects of the team (which, by the way, is now closer than ever to the Flight Simulator developers), and since we last talked about it has seen a bunch of really great additions.

Currently at version 0.7.1, the G3000 mod is getting new features at every major release. The latest ones are the support for standby flight plans and new panes for Flight Plan and Procedures. You can now also add airways to flight plans.

While these are welcome additions that anyone can appreciate, it was the previous version, v0.6.x, that added some truly unique features, most notably the ability to load Navigraph charts natively inside the G3000 displays. This is extremely useful and a real improvement to the immersion while flying a G3000-equipped aircraft like the TBM 930 or the Longitude.

G3000 Mod MSFS 5

G3000 Mod MSFS 10

Obviously, to make use of this feature you need an active Navigraph Ultimate subscription, which will set you back around 10€ per month. You will then need to link your account to the G3000, and voilà, accurate, real-world charts right inside the cockpit.

Another great addition is the support for laurinius’s MSFS Traffic Service, which adds offline AI traffic and SimConnect-injected traffic to the G3000’s traffic system. This will allow the avionics to display traffic alerts for those kinds of traffic. You need to follow a few simple steps to set up this feature, which are available from Working Title’s GitHub.

The G3000 mod from Working Title is an absolute must-have for anyone looking for a more in-depth simulation when flying one of the airplanes that use it. The TBM 930, in particular, is favorite among many simmers, and with the recent upgraded to turboprops that were introduced with Sim Update IV, flying this high-performance aircraft should be better than ever.

The WT G3000 is available from the developers website and, as usual, just drop the mod’s folder in your Community folder to make it available in MSFS.