Working Title CJ4 v0.12.0 released, brings custom vertical autopilot and improved altitude capture

The Working Title team, who is now working in strict collaboration with Microsoft and Asobo to deliver continued improvements for Flight Simulator, have released an updated version of their highly popular CJ4 mod. This latest version, v0.12.0, brings the much awaited new custom vertical autopilot, which allows the CJ4 to capture set altitudes for PTCH and TO/GA modes, thus improving the altitude capture mechanics of the autopilot.

This update also brings a host of fixes and tweaks, which you can find more detailed in the new website that the team ha also released. This new website brings all of Working Titles modding efforts into a new, easy to use platform, which should make it easier for less savvy users to find the mods and relative information regarding each one. This will also continue to be available through GitHub, as before.

WT highly encourages every pilot of their CJ4 mod to read the comprehensive guides that was put together by the team, where every feature is explained and where you’ll find instructions on how to use this complex, all-encompassing mod that totally overhauls the default CJ4. The Operator’s guide in itself is a passionate work, meticulously put together and maintained by the team in order to be an always up-to-date document on how to get the most out of the airplane.


You can find everything you need about the Working Title CJ4 in the new, official website about the project, where you can easily find the download link for the latest version. As usual, it’s recommended to remove your existing workingtitle-aircraft-cj4 folder from your Community folder, before placing there the new updated version.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the Working Title CJ4 includes an extremely impressive number of features that brings the default CJ4 to a much closer representation of the real-world counterpart. With this mod you get over 40 new pages in the FMS, many new procedures missing from the default aircraft, custom LNAV and VNAV capabilities, Navigraph Charts integrated on the MFD, accurate flight performance, and much more. Easily one of the best airplanes currently available in Flight Simulator!