The PA-38 Tomahawk will be Just Flight’s “best GA aircraft yet” for MSFS

Just Flight may have released a big and complex product just a month ago, the 146 Professional, but the studio is not resting on its laurels following the highly praised launch of the British airliner. The team is now accelerating towards the finish up of a new aircraft, this time a small GA bird: the PA-38 Tomahawk.

The Tomahawk was teased already for MSFS a few weeks ago, but now Just Flight is giving us the most detailed look yet into this upcoming two-seat light airplane. And this new preview comes with a rather confident and bold statement: Just Flight says this will be their “best GA aircraft yet“!

After having flown the Arrow III/IV and even the Warrior II, hearing these words from Just Flight sets the expectation quite high for the little Tomahawk. The team seems determined to create another high-level airplane for MSFS, justified by the increasing expectations from MSFS simmers who are now accustomed to some genuinely excellent general aviation birds, such as Just Flight’s own offerings but also a few notable recent releases like the Milviz 310R or the brand new Sting 4, just released today in the Marketplace.

Just Flight PA 38 Tomahawk msfs 12.PNG

Just Flight PA 38 Tomahawk msfs 11.PNG

Just Flight PA 38 Tomahawk msfs 9.PNG

Just Flight PA 38 Tomahawk msfs 8.PNG

Just Flight PA 38 Tomahawk msfs 7.PNG

Just Flight PA 38 Tomahawk msfs 6.PNG

Just Flight PA 38 Tomahawk msfs 5.PNG

Just Flight PA 38 Tomahawk msfs 4.PNG

Just Flight PA 38 Tomahawk msfs 3.PNG

Just Flight PA 38 Tomahawk msfs 2.PNG

Just Flight PA 38 Tomahawk msfs 1.PNG

Just Flights reveals that the work on the Tomahawk is now shifting towards coding, flight dynamics, and sounds. The visuals are mostly complete, as attested by this new selection of stunning images that show the airplane in great detail, both inside and out. While these images still show the default Asobo radios, Just Flight says the Tomahawk will feature a custom set of avionics, including the PMS50 GTN 750 and the TDS GTNXi.

Just Flights also says that the Tomahawk is not too far off from a release in Microsoft Flight Simulator. The current estimate points to about one or two more months of development.

Microsoft Flight Simulator has become a truly spectacular playground for GA enthusiasts, who are now getting an increasing number of excellent airplanes to take on some touring flights across the stunning virtual world provided by our favorite Simulator. The PA-38 Tomahawk is set to be another noteworthy airplane to consider, so we’ll be back with further updates once they become available!