FSReborn announces the Sting S4, a highly detailed small airplane coming soon to the Marketplace

FSReborn has announced its first airplane for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The Sting S4, a Czech ultralight low wing monoplane, is now waiting for validation to become available in the MSFS Marketplace!

The Sting S4 is coming to MSFS in what appears to be an exceptional effort from FSReborn. The developer presented his creation in a live stream with TheFlyingFabio, where it became clear that this will be a very realistic simulation of this light airplane, complete with stunning visuals and some unique realism features.

One of the most prominent features in the Sting S4 will be the full implementation of the ballistic parachute system, a safeguard against catastrophic control problems that aims to save lives when the pilot has no control over the airplane. FSReborn has implemented this functionality into the S4, the first time we will see it in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Something needs to go very wrong with the aircraft for pilots to need to use this emergency system. Thankfully, there’s much more to the FSReborn Sting S4 than just looking to see it fall from the skies. While we don’t yet know of a complete feature list for this product, it’s clear that the developer has created a highly-detailed 3D model with excellent textures both inside and out.

Besides the great visuals, the Sting S4 should also be an immersive little airplane that will demand your full attention when flying. There are many realism features included that will have you take proper care of the aircraft, such as electrical and engine failures or landing gear wear, which will affect aircraft behavior on the ground. Tires may even rupture on hard landings!

FSReborn has implemented a nicely-design EFB that will enable the management of the aircraft and its features, such as setting up the aforementioned realism settings, but also fuel and payload management and maintenance options. Pilots will also find the EFB to be useful to get a global idea of the status of the S4, checking if any particular area needs some attention. There’s some real work involved in keeping the S4 airworthy in Microsoft Flight Simulator!

This looks to be another impressive small airplane for MSFS, and it’s actually nearly ready to be released, waiting for Microsoft’s validation to launch in the Marketplace, where it will make its exclusive debut. Pricing is already set at $24.99, so all that remains is for that launch day to come, hopefully later this week!

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