Just Flight releases the PA-28R Turbo Arrow III/IV for Flight Simulator

We knew it was coming, and here it is. Just Flight has finally released today the Turbo version of their Piper Arrow III, the highly celebrated aircraft for MSFS that has become a fan favorite – ours too! – and the later Arrow IV, with a distinctive, sportier T-tail.

After the remarkable launch of the Arrow III, which has raised the bar for what to expect from third-party airplanes for MSFS, today’s release of the Turbo Arrows expands on that initial launch with a more powerful airplane, which has also been recreated in high-quality visual detail, with authentic flight dynamics and sounds.

The Turbo Arrows are different from the standard variants in a few ways. The engine, naturally, is a more powerful turbocharged unit, so the Turbo Arrow is equipped with a new engine cowling. Then, there’s the cool-looking T-tail, introduced with the Turbo Arrow IV.

Besides the exterior differences, the Turbos also feature some interior changes. You will now find a cleaner, beige cockpit, instead of the red and dirty version of the previous aircraft. This is because the Turbos are mostly privately owned, therefore more carefully taken care of, in contrast to the typical flying club ownership of the Arrow III.

turbo arrow msfs 9

turbo arrow msfs 7

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turbo arrow msfs 2

turbo arrow msfs 1

With the Turbo Arrows, you will notice a different engine note, as well as some differences with cockpit sounds. The turbocharged engine also provides some distinct flight characteristics: it performs better at higher altitudes, and because it’s heavier you may also notice the aircraft behaves somewhat differently compared to the non-turbocharged variant. Especially with the T-tail.

An interesting new feature that Just Flight is introducing with the Turbo Arrow is the need to carefully manage the engine, if you choose to have maintenance options enabled in order to simulate this. Overwork the engine and it may fail on you, so take good care of it!

The Turbo Arrow III and IV are now available. If you skipped the standard Arrow III looking into the Turbo’s release, now is your time! And if you’re looking to get the entire Arrow package, there’s a bundle available that includes both releases for a lower price.

One additional note about availability in the Marketplace. Just Flight told us that within a week or so after this release, they will send to Microsoft the original Arrow III, the Turbo Arrows and also the money-saving bundle. So, very soon, the Just Flight Arrows will be available in the Marketplace!

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