The Just Flight Fokker F28 is alive! New previews shared, visuals mostly complete

It’s been a while since we last heard news about the Just Flight Fokker F28 Fellowship. The British studio has been hard at work with other projects, such as the excellent Hawk T/1A, already out since October, or the BAe 146, which appears to be nearing completion.

The last development updates for the F28 came last August, when Just Flight shared a good first look into the airplane’s retro cockpit and the -2000 variant, one of the four to be included in the package.

This week, Just Flight shared the first development update of the year for the F28. The team has been more silent with this project because the current focus is on the extensive coding that the aircraft needs, since the visuals are pretty much done at this point. With little new to show, Just Flight maybe thought we wouldn’t need to hear from them as often, but thankfully the new year brought some positive changes: the F28 is alive and well!

Just flight fokker f28 liveries 10.png

Just flight fokker f28 liveries 9.png

Just flight fokker f28 liveries 8.png

Just flight fokker f28 liveries 7.png

Just flight fokker f28 liveries 5.png

Just flight fokker f28 liveries 4.png

Just flight fokker f28 liveries 3.png

Just flight fokker f28 liveries 2.png

Just flight fokker f28 liveries 1.png

Just Flight says that the work on the models, textures, animations, and liveries is now basically complete, with the team now tackling the flight dynamics for the four variants (-1000 to -4000). Furthermore, the systems are being brought to life with the custom coding Just Flight is known for, along with a WWise sound pack to power all the aircraft’s sounds and overall audible ambience. Just Flight hopes to continue to share further previews of these features down the line, looking for a release of the F28 for MSFS later this year.

Together with this development update, Just Flight also shared a series of beautiful new shots, which show the exquisite external details of the model in a variety of liveries from real-world operator.

The Fokker F28 Fellowship is one of at least two airliners Just Flight is working on for MSFS, the other one being the BAe 146, now well advanced in its development. In fact, we got a pretty comprehensive early preview of the aircraft a few days ago, courtesy of the thecorporatepilotdad Youtube channel.