First images of the Just Flight Fokker F28-2000 variant

After unveiling the Fokker F28 cockpit just a couple of weeks ago, Just Flight returned this week to bring us some new images of their upcoming creation for MSFS. This is the first time that we see the Mk 2000 variant of the aircraft, as well as some closer details into the instruments and flight controls of the F28.

The Mk 2000 variant is a slightly stretched version of the original 1000 series, but only 10 units ended up being built for Nigeria Airways. It won’t have a hard time becoming more popular in MSFS, where thousands of virtual pilots will get the chance to fly one of these well-used machines.

It’s quite clear at this point that Just Flight is going for the worn look with their F28’s, a suitable look for an aircraft that was introduced more than 50 years ago. This is visible in the exterior model but especially in the cockpit, with scratched surfaces and the typical signs of thousands of hours at the hands of countless flight crews.

F28 Fellowship MSFS 9.jpg

F28 Fellowship MSFS 8.jpg

F28 Fellowship MSFS 7.jpg

F28 Fellowship MSFS 6.jpg

F28 Fellowship MSFS 5.jpg

F28 Fellowship MSFS 4.jpg

F28 Fellowship MSFS 3.jpg

F28 Fellowship MSFS 2.jpg

F28 Fellowship MSFS 1.jpg

It all looks very detailed and authentic, but we can’t help but feel like some of the colors in use in the cockpit are a little… garish? Especially the blue seats and some of the red accents in a few areas. Maybe this is a realistic look sported by the real airplanes, but it would be nice to have some way to tone down these colors. In any case, it’s something that the third-part community will take care of in no time!

Besides these new images, Just Flight isn’t saying much else about the ongoing progress with the F28’s development. We know that they are creating four variants (1000-4000) with the goal to deliver an authentic airplane that looks and feels like the real thing, based on official data and extensive reference photos.

The F28 Fellowship is estimated to release later this year, but we know that Just Flight is looking to bring us another airplane first: the Hawk T1/A, which should come out in late September.