You can now fly the Bell 47 helicopter with floats and land on water in MSFS

FlyInside was one of the first to bring a functional helicopter to Microsoft Flight Simulator, the Bell 47-G2. It was the first payware helicopter released on the platform and remains one of the most realistic, challenging, and fun to fly! The Bell 47 is now getting even better with the latest update, which adds a very cool new feature: floats!

Helicopters are capable of reaching places that no fixed-wing aircraft can dream about. This is inherent to the particularities of vertical take-offs and landings, which are possible in a very limited patch of ground. But, until now, hard surfaces were really the only place you could put down your B-47 in MSFS… until now!

FlyInside kick-started this hot month of August with a fresh update for the B-47, which enables the helicopter to enjoy waterbodies as much as human pilots do this time of the year. The new version of the B-47 (v1.80) adds support for floats for water landings and taxiing, along with three new float-only liveries and water-capable versions of all the existing liveries.

FlyInside Bell 47 helicopter floats update msfs 4

FlyInside Bell 47 helicopter floats update msfs 3

FlyInside Bell 47 helicopter floats update msfs 2

Naturally, with new materials interacting between the environment and the helicopter, FlyInside ensured that the B-47 behaves according to realistic physics given the circumstance. For example, landing on the water with floats should pose its own challenge, while putting it down on a hard surface should generate a “bouncy feel” given the characteristics of the floats.

FlyInside took the opportunity with this update to also add animated doors, which can now finally be opened. New particle effects have also been added, such as dirt clouds and water sprays.

With this latest update, the B-47 has become an even better aircraft, giving more choices to pilots to take this cool rotorcraft into exciting new places. The MSFS team will add official helicopter support to the platform later this year, which should pave the way for a dramatic increase in new helicopters available in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Until then, the FlyInside B-47-G2 remains one of the very best options!

Version 1.80 is available now as a free download from FlyInside’s website. Those who purchased the B-47 from the Marketplace should wait for the update to be available there!