The Bell 47-G2 helicopter from FlyInside is now available for MSFS

Promises made, promises kept! FlyInside announced that their first helicopter for Flight Simulator would be out before the end of the month, and here it is! The Bell 47-G2 is now available for $34.95 / 29€. It’s the very first payware helicopter for MSFS and, realistically, only the second option that is available for rotorcraft in this new sim, after the freeware Airbus H135.

The Bell 47-G2 features an entirely custom flight-model, which was developed by FlyInside as an alternative to the lack of native helicopter support in MSFS. In any case, the developers are promising a highly realistic helicopter, with realistic flight characteristics such as collective/cyclic response, ground effect, flap-back, transverse flow, torque/yaw, VRS, auto-rotation capabilities, and more.

The FlyInside Bell 47-G2 also supports a series of failures that can be the result of flying the helicopter beyond its limits, such as vortex ring states, engine failures, and retreating blade stalls. It’s looking to be a very comprehensive experience, one that may be tricky to inexperienced pilots. That’s why the developers implemented customizable realism settings, so that anyone can tailor his experience and make things easier or more realistic.

This also extends to the flight controls. Ideally, you would want dedicated helicopter controls in order to have full control over the Bell’s piston engine. But rest assured that, with the typical HOTAS or joystick that most people have, you will still be able to enjoy this helicopter. FlyInside included with their helicopter an engine governor that is active by default, so that you only have 4-axis control, while the governor manages the engine RPM during flight.

The Bell 47G is a relatively simple machine, but it was created with good looks in mind. It features PBR materials and textures, an interactive cockpit that is fully animated, and realistic spatial sounds that should really help to create an immersive environment. FlyInside also supplies the aircraft with a number of liveries, and a paint kit is also included in case you want to create your own.

Overall, this is looking like a serious helicopter. Don’t let itssimplistic looks fool you! FlyInside warns that many simmers may find the Bell 47G to be quite a challenge, especially those who have no experience with helicopters or are used to them on more arcade games. The Bell doesn’t have much power, and it’s easy to break it if the engine isn’t properly monitored. Keep your eyes on the manifold pressure, or prepare to drop from the sky like a rock. Possibly a good chance to test the auto-rotation capabilities?

The FlyInside Bell 47-G2 for MSFS is now available from the developers’ website, and will set you back $34.95 / 29€.