Santa Monica Municipal Airport is now out for MSFS

The sun is setting at Santa Monica Municipal Airport, in California. After more than 100 years serving the LA community (and the USAF, in its early days), KSMO is now waiting for its final day of operations, scheduled for December 31, 2028.

Santa Monica Airport is located just 6 miles to the north of LAX, handling mostly GA traffic in the area. Completely surrounded by the urban and residential landscape of Santa Monica, KSMO needs to comply with the most stringent noise restrictions, which prevent takeoffs and engine starts during nighttime and limits jet traffic in the airport. This is one of the reasons cited for its planned closure, besides high pollution levels.

Santa Monica Airport has a rich history that goes back to the production of the legendary Douglas DC-3 and its military variant, the C-47. It was a time when hundreds of noisy airplanes left for war, with little complaints from the nearby population, who depended greatly on the economic power of the Douglas factory. Things are quite different today…

With the foreseen closure of the airport in a few years, planned to give way to a city park, pilots will soon be left with only fond memories of SMO. Looking to ease their pain somewhat, developer Arda Güler (AG Sim) got to work on a virtual rendition of this historic airport, trying to preserve the location for virtual pilots to enjoy for years to come.

With that in mind, the developer promises a detailed and authentic rendition of KSMO for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the biggest project yet from AG Sim. Simmers should find detailed 3D buildings with high-resolution textures, over 3000 hand-placed objects, an accurate runway slope and ground markings, and more.

This looks like a fairly realistic depiction of Santa Monica Airport for MSFS, a significant improvement over the default airport. And with the impressive photogrammetry scenery and night lighting in Los Angeles, arriving and departing from KSMO should be quite a spectacular affair!

AG Sim’s Santa Monica Municipal Airport for MSFS is now available, priced at around $16.00.

KSMO Santa Monica Airport MSFS 11.jpg

KSMO Santa Monica Airport MSFS 10.jpg

KSMO Santa Monica Airport MSFS 9.jpg

KSMO Santa Monica Airport MSFS 8.jpg

KSMO Santa Monica Airport MSFS 7.jpg

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KSMO Santa Monica Airport MSFS 2.jpg

KSMO Santa Monica Airport MSFS 1.jpg

Main Features:

  • Detailed 3D buildings
  • 8192×8192 PBR textures
  • Ground texture renewed
  • Over 3000+ Hand placed 3D objects
  • Special places like Museum of Flying
  • Various areas around the airport for better VFR experience
  • FPS friendly
  • Glorious night lighting
  • Accurate slope
  • Static aircraft and living airport experience
  • Accurate ground and traffic signs

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