Aerosoft and LimeSim release Lukla Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Aerosoft and developer LimeSim have released a new airport series for Microsoft Flight Simulator, and it promises to be designed with the most audacious pilots in mind. Aerosoft Mt. Everest Airports is the name of this series and it kicks off with the iconic Lukla Airport – the legendary gateway to Mount Everest and arguably one of the world’s most challenging and renowned airports.

Lukla Airport is unique in the world of aviation for its sheer extremity; while there may be airports situated at higher elevations, with shorter runways, or even with more severe upward slopes, Lukla stands out for embodying all these extreme factors in one location.

This challenging environment is compounded by unpredictable weather, the absence of navigational aids, and an uncontrolled airspace that accommodates both fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters. It presents a unique test of piloting skill and nerve, unmatched by any other location.

Aerosoft Limesim Lukla Airport MSFS 7

Aerosoft Limesim Lukla Airport MSFS 3

Aerosoft Limesim Lukla Airport MSFS 2

Aerosoft Limesim Lukla Airport MSFS 1

Aerosoft Limesim Lukla Airport MSFS 4

Aerosoft Limesim Lukla Airport MSFS 6

This package serves as an upgrade over the previous “Lukla – Mount Everest Extreme” scenery, also developed by LimeSim. The new version elevates the experience to even greater heights with enhanced details, animations, and an authentic recreation of Lukla’s unique atmosphere.


  • Detailed 3D terrain model of Lukla airport with high resolution photorealistic textures.
  • Newly constructed Lukla Helipad with terminal building.
  • Newly constructed terminal extension with interiors.
  • Recently erected Tenzing-Hillary statue and gardens right next to the runway.
  • Lots of animated people, animals, creek along the runway
  • Animated ground service ATV
  • Realistic night lighting
  • Various typical sounds
  • Detailed manual

The trailer for this product effectively showcases what to expect from the new custom scenery. The developers have meticulously recreated not only the airport but also the surrounding village. This includes the region’s unique architecture, a vibrant atmosphere with animated people and animals, and the iconic sloped runway which offers a thrilling yet nerve-wracking landing experience.

Mt. Everest Airports Vol. 1 – Lukla is available now from Aerosoft’s website and Contrail, priced at just around €10.00. This should be the first release in this series dedicated to the region around Mount Everest, so stay tuned for further entries in the coming months!

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