The Fenix A320 is on sale for the first time, plus news on the A319 and A321 for MSFS

Fenix Simulations has issued a brief status update for followers of their developments in Microsoft Flight Simulator, sharing significant progress on their upcoming Airbus A319 and A321 expansion, as well as announcing a flash sale on their highly popular A320.

Flash Sale on A320

Let’s start with Fenix’s star, the Airbus A320, which recently received the eagerly anticipated Block 2 update to critical acclaim. If you’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to dive into this superb airliner simulation for MSFS, now is an opportune time. Fenix has launched a limited-time flash sale on the A320, reducing its price from £49.99 to £39.99. This 20% discount offers an excellent opportunity for new customers to experience high-fidelity simulation in MSFS.

Airbus A319 and A321 entering Beta Testing soon

Last year, Fenix announced its intention to expand their A320 family with the A319 and A321 variants. Although development has been slower than initially projected – largely due to the intensive work required for the A320 Block 2 – the team at Fenix Simulations now reports that the Airbus A319 and A321 package is progressing “swimmingly” and is set to enter beta testing soon.

This eagerly awaited expansion will be priced at £39.99 and will add both the A319 and A321 aircraft to the lineup, complementing the existing A320 base package, which is a requirement. Additionally, this expansion will introduce sharklet variants for these models later this year.

fenix a320 update msfs 2

A320 Updates

Alongside these announcements, Fenix has released an update for the existing A320, focusing on performance enhancements and optimizations. Key areas of improvement include the External Engine Model, internal LVar handling, and artwork optimizations. The update also introduces new features and fixes across the aircraft’s systems and avionics, such as updated EFIS BARO QNH LVars and TO PERF LVars, which will enhance the pilot’s experience with more accurate and customizable settings.

Fenix is also working on further refinements that will address specific community feedback related to aircraft behavior during the flare and ground effect phases of flight. Adjustments to ground effect modeling aim to provide a more realistic landing experience by slightly increasing the drag effect, allowing the aircraft to settle more naturally on the runway. Additionally, Fenix is re-tuning the ground friction modeling to align with upcoming updates in the simulator itself, ensuring smoother takeoff and landing operations.

Patch Notes and Further Optimizations

The latest software version, V2.0.0.407, is available for download now, and it includes extensive improvements ranging from avionics and systems optimization to fixes for various crashes and issues reported by the community. Check the full release notes below to see what’s new in the Fenix A320!

[Avionics and Systems]

  • Optimised performance of External Engine Model
  • Optimised performance of internal LVar handling
  • Added TO PERF LVars (N_MISC_PERF_TO_*)
  • Added ISFD LVars (N_MIP_ISFD_*B_MIP_ISFD_*)
  • Added standby XPDR output LVar (i.e. the “displayed” value, N_FREQ_STANDBY_XPDR_SELECTED)
  • Added more configuration options for default EO ACC, default THR RED
  • Improved detection of when the aircraft has “loaded in” to the sim
  • Small AoA tweaks in flight control law
  • Fixed crash caused by failure to read aircraft.cfg
  • Fixed cabin announcement logging not being verbose enough
  • Fixed spoiler arm and disarm events being inverted
  • Fixed DisarmDoors announcement being cut off by the switch from engine generators
  • Fixed cabin ready not correctly handling single engine taxi
  • Fixed incorrect handling of aircraft.cfg comments
  • Fixed issue that could cause failure to hook or cabin announcements not working for users in some regions (Türkiye in particular)
  • Fixed incorrect TCAS target altitudes being shown on the ND when flying online
  • Fixed various other crashes throughout the systems (thank you to people who have the opt-in crash reporting turned on )
  • Fixed gear being lowered automatically when performing a belly landing
  • Fixed gear being up when spawning in
  • GSX settings are now overriden using their new API to automatically set the required GSX settings for the integration to work correctly
  • Fixed issue when connecting jetway or stairs via GSX
  • Fixed IDG fuel-based cooling running when engines are shut down
  • Fixed AOC WEATHER REQ requiring RETURN to be pressed twice
  • Fixed bypass pin not being correctly synced with GSX during pushback
  • Removed APU running requirement from DisarmDoors
  • Fixed some instances of being unable to board with GSX
  • Adjusted IAE FLX limit behaviour during takeoff, rotation, and THR RED
  • Fixed ADIRS LVars being rounded
  • Fixed VLS calculation for IAE engines
  • Fixed STS page not auto-clearing after 3 seconds when status is normal
  • Fixed CLB thrust being above FLX thrust
  • Fixed some MCDU settings not saving – failure scenarios in particular
  • Fixed missing ignition conditions for IAE engines (FLEX/TOGA thrust or approach idle)
  • Further improved VLS calculation

[Art and Sound]

  • Extensive optimisations to various parts of the art
  • Improved our custom LOD system, resulting in shorter delays when switching and supporting drone camera
  • Fixed CFM atd_id not matching the livery
  • Fixed cockpit dome light always on in external view
  • Reworked LOD system to fix FPS loss
  • Fixed small cockpit perf dip


  • Fixed various causes of errors throughout the EFB
  • Fixed race conditions in boarding status, including the way loadsheets are generated and sent
  • Fixed loadsheets not being generated when not using SimBrief
  • Fixed mismatching green dot speed between EFB and aircraft
  • Fixed mismatching SLT RETR and FLP RETR speeds between EFB and aircraft
  • Fixed THR RED and THR ACC not taking into account the configured acceleration height
  • Fixed incorrect ADC sent when departure time nears 0000Z
  • Fixed EFIS BARO CTL setting not saving
  • Fixed loadsheet error when starting boarding
  • Fixed issue with empty EOBT
  • Fixed refuelling in fast/slow mode using the incorrect unit
  • Fixed loadsheet ACARS messages not being acceptable

[Livery Manager]

  • Improved installation speed