A first look into the cockpit of the Fokker F28 Fellowship

Following last week’s stunning images of the Fokker F28’s exterior in MSFS, today Just Flight unveiled the first cockpit shots of this Dutch regional jet. It’s almost as if the developers are answering our pledge to take a look into the analog instruments of the F28!

Sitting in the pitch dark of night, the developers showcase the night lighting work that is being done on the aircraft, in different configurations. While we don’t see the instruments in close detail, it’s great to see the flight deck of a new airliner in MSFS, especially one that is mostly analog, a nice variation compared to the glass cockpits of modern jetliners.

There are just three images, but they show that progress is being done. Just Flight says that systems coding is now underway, which should take some time. After all, the goal is to provide a highly realistic and immersive experience, which is particularly difficult in a relatively complex airplane such as this.

Fokker F28 MSFS cockpit 1

Fokker F28 MSFS cockpit 3

To learn more about this project, check the initial announcement or keep up with the development on the official development page.

Just Flight has been very active lately in MSFS, having released a new aircraft, the Warrior II, just a week ago. Future plans are very exciting, with the Hawk T1/A just around the corner… and strong rumors that the BAe 146 is also in the works for MSFS. With the quality of the work Just Flight has been putting, you should definitely stay tuned to see all they have in store for us next!