Zion Canyon recreated in high definition for MSFS, for free!

After the gorgeous Yosemite National Park, Jeppeson2001 is back with another free and stunning recreation of an American National Park. This time it’s Zion, with its incredible Canyon and other well known locations, most of which are included:

  • Zion Canyon Overlook
  • Observation Point
  • Angels Landing
  • Zion National Park Lodge
  • The East Temple
  • The West Temple
  • Canyon Overlook
  • The Sentinel
  • Mountain Of The Sun
  • Church Mesa
  • Hepworth Wash
  • Canyon Junction Bridge

The East Temple terrian height has been corrected as it was set too high in the default scenery.
Due to the limited SDK tools at the moment you cannot land on the scenery, & snow textures will not show.
The developer hopes that future versions will include this.

This is a dramatic improvement over the default scenery, which is lacking in detail, with overall very sound shapes in the rocks and features of the area.