Visit the Caribbean with FSDG’s Hewanorra International Airport for MSFS

Summer has arrived in the northern hemisphere, the best time to go on some tropical vacations in one of the many paradisiac destinations in our planet. Saint Lucia, in the Caribbean, is one of those places, where the lush vegetation meets the tranquility of the sandy white beaches and turquoise waters. Now, you can get a sneak-peek into what a flight to this beautiful island can be, thanks to FSDG and their newly released scenery that covers Saint Lucia’s larger airport and its immediate surroundings.

Hewanorra International Airport (TLPL) is the only one serving jet aircraft in the island, capable of handling Boeing 737’s or Airbus A320’s, all the way up to wide-body airplanes such as the 787, so there’s no shortage of options if you want to go there on your favorite airplane.

With this new product, FSDG delivers an accurate and detailed virtual version of TLPL, which includes static ships, aircraft and additional landmarks for added authenticity.

FSDG’s St Lucia is now available for just under 15€.

Saint Lucia Airport MSFS 6

Saint Lucia Airport MSFS 4

Saint Lucia Airport MSFS 3

Saint Lucia Airport MSFS 2

Saint Lucia Airport MSFS 1

FSDG has been quite active lately, with a series of impressive new products for Flight Simulator. The last one was Cape Town International Airport, but you may also want to check Seychelles and Rhodes, two comprehensive packages that overhaul each island and the respective major airport.

TLPL Features:

  •  Accurate and detailed rendition of Hewanorra International Airport, St Lucia (TLPL)
  •  Additional landmarks and objects around the airport
  •  Includes static ship and aircraft for even more authenticity
  •  Latest MSFS technologies like dynamic lights or ground materials
  •  Optimized for great performance and visual quality
  •  Compatible with all known addons
  •  Manual included