Here’s the first video of the Fenix Simulations A320 in action

Everyone got hyped up with this week’s reveal that there was a highly detailed new airliner in the works for Flight Simulator. Fenix Simulations unveiled their project to the world for the excitement of many, while promising to deliver a never-before-seen desktop simulation of the A320, the workhorse of many airlines all around the world.

The initial announcement was rich in details, but there are always some questions that are left to answer. The official Discord server of Fenix Simulations has been very active these days, with the developers sharing some additional details about their plans. As spotted by our friends at FSElite, the devs have now put up a handy list of FAQs, answering some common questions that have arisen so far.

Most notably, there is no release or pricing information to be announced at this point. This aircraft is in very active development, and being a very complex project it’s expected to take its time. It was also revealed that it will be a PC exclusive, so no hope (for now, anyway) for future Xbox pilots. Most importantly, though, is that marvellous technology that will enable wings to flex. You know, that absolutely must-have in any consumer-level airliner simulation! Jokes aside, it always looks great on Youtube.

With the influx of new information about this project, today we also got the first video showing the A320 in action, and performing a CAT II autoland, of all else. In the video, that you can see below, we go for a long final approach to Sydney International Airport. There are no sounds from the aircraft (the team isn’t ready to show that just yet), but we get to see the beautiful cockpit and some of its systems and displays seemingly working.

Fenix Simulations is definitely up to something. They clearly have a very competent team that has already put a lot of work into this. As time goes by, we will certainly continue to get many more details and insights into the ongoing development of this incredible machine, so make sure to keep coming back for further updates!