A new highly detailed Airbus A320 is coming to Flight Simulator

The last few days were prone to some speculation in the world of Flight Simulator, with rumors of a new “study-level” airliner being in the works. The rumors now turn into reality as Fenix Simulations, a newcomer team of developers, has revealed that they have in fact a highly detailed simulation of the Airbus A320 currently in development.

Fenix Simulations claims to be composed of “some of the most experienced and talented developers in flight simulation”, aiming to deliver a very accurate recreation of the A320 in MSFS, with no compromises. When they say with “no compromises”, they really mean it: this A320 is coming to life as never before seen in a consumer simulator. This is a big claim, knowing that some developers such as Flight Sim Labs have successfully created very highly accurate simulations of the A320 for other platforms.

In terms of features, Fenix Simulations promise a lot. From a completely customized autopilot, hydraulics simulation and custom navigation environment, to the systems’ behavior and its quirks, such as degraded navigational accuracy when flying with low GPS coverage. The idea is to ensure that the A320 complexity is fully simulated here, strictly following real-world procedures and specs, while also providing a feeling of immersion that is only possible when everything comes together to create something that looks and feels real.

The Fenix Simulations A320 will also feature an extensive list of failures. Currently, there are 383 different faults, issues and emergencies that can be triggered. Even circuit breakers are functional – 280 of them. Does this sound like “study-level” yet?

Fenix Simulations Airbus A320 MSFS 7

Fenix Simulations Airbus A320 MSFS 6

Fenix Simulations Airbus A320 MSFS 5

Fenix Simulations Airbus A320 MSFS 3

Fenix Simulations Airbus A320 MSFS 2

Fenix Simulations Airbus A320 MSFS 1

When it comes to visuals, this airplane is looking striking, to say the least. The amount of detail is astonishing, both on the outside and in the cockpit. The exterior is marked with dirt and oil streaks, a look that extends to the interior, where nothing is pristine. Bolts have different orientations, some switches are not perfectly aligned, the displays bleed light from the edges when looking from an angle… you get the idea. Realism is the word here, and the developers surely appear to be setting a new benchmark.

There are a lot of cool details about what’s coming, so check the original blog posting on Fenix Simulations website to learn about all the details currently unveiled by the developers. The team also has a Discord server where people can closely interact with the developers and get a more in-depth sneak-peak into the ongoing development.

This is certainly a truly exciting new project for MSFS. A new, complex, realistic airliner is always something a lot of people look for, even though, in this case, it’s again the A320. We already have FlyByWire’s A32NX, and Aerosoft is also working on an Airbus series for MSFS (although development there has now shifted to the A330). In any case, Fenix Simulations has higher hopes here, going for the most detailed A320 ever in a consumer-level flight simulator, so prepare to start seeing a lot about this project in the coming weeks and months. This will surely be extremely popular!