The Cockspur C510 Mustang is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Exactly as promised, Cockspur has just launched a few minutes ago the it’s rendition of the Cessna 510 Mustang for Microsoft Flight Simulator. It’s a new business jet for the sim, a type of airplane that the community has been craving since the release of the simulator back in 2020. With just a few quality options available, this Mustang may end up being quite popular!

The Mustang is Cockspur’s third aircraft for MSFS. The developer has quickly gone up in complexity, jumping from the SG 38 Schulgleiter, a very old-school glider, right up to a modern jet. Judging from early impressions from the lucky ones who’ve had the chance to try the aircraft first-hand, it seems Cockspur has largely succeeded with its main goal: to recreate the Mustang after it’s real-world counterpart with as much detail as possible.

We talked with Cockspur’s Sebastian Darrell a few days ago, when we had the chance to learn more about the project. Check the full interview to get some additional information – a nice read while the aircraft downloads, we hope.

Cockspur C510 Mustang MSFS released 3

Cockspur C510 Mustang MSFS released 5

Cockspur C510 Mustang MSFS released 4

Cockspur C510 Mustang MSFS released 2

Cockspur C510 Mustang MSFS released 1

The Mustang is now available from the developer’s website, priced at 24,99€. Again, exactly as promised. These early ours of availability may cause unexpected pressure on the purchase process, so be a little patient if things are slower than expected!

In terms of features, Cockspur promises a nicely-detailed simulation of the Cessna Mustang. The aircraft comes in 3 variants (Standard, High Sierra, and Air Ambulance), in multiple liveries. Flight model and system’s modeling should be quite comprehensive, and since the Mustang is powered by the G1000NXi, you know you’ll find a detailed avionics package in the flight deck.

The Mustang is likely to become available in the Marketplace, eventually. Those are, at least, Cockspur’s plans for the future, alongside with a release on Xbox. As for other plans from the developer… they are already in place… and devoted to another business jet: the Hawker 800XP!

Finally, if you’re looking for a brand new scenery to try on the Mustang, look no further than the fresh new content update for Canada, just released today as World Update XI!