This old 1930s German glider is now out for MSFS for just 2.99€

Following the release of the Aeroprakt A-22-LS ultralight and the announcement of the Cessna Citation Mustang for MSFS, Cockspur has somehow found the time to work on a peculiar new aircraft: The SG 38 Schulgleiter, a German wooden glider introduced in 1938.

This is a cool side project from Cockspur, who is challenging MSFS simmers to take this historical glider as far as possible in the beautiful scenery of Microsoft Flight Simulator. The SG 38 is unpowered, requiring a winch launch system to be sent into the air. Once there, it’s up to you to keep it aloft as long as possible, which won’t be easy since it has a glide ratio comparable to that of a Cessna 172.

With no engine sounds to disturb your enjoyment of the scenery and a perfectly clear view from the perilous seating position of the pilot, the SG 38 should be a cool experience in MSFS, especially if you challenge yourself to take it as far as possible. It’s also very cheap at just 2.99€, so why not take the chance?

The SG 38 is available now on Cockspur’s website. A Marketplace release would be interesting, but we have no word on that yet from the developers.

SG 38 glider msfs 2