Carenado shares new shots of its Pilatus PC-12 for MSFS

Carenado has been quite busy lately, developing aircraft in collaboration with Asobo/Microsoft besides their usual projects. This has led to the release of the Beechcraft Staggerwing and the Twin Beech in recent months, while the C337 Skymaster was the last standard Carenado release and the only one to come out this year.

This focus on multiple “side projects” has brought some delays to what is expected to be Carenado’s next house-branded release, the Pilatus PC-12. We first saw the initial images of the PC-12 for MSFS back in April, but have since not heard any further news from Carenado. Thankfully, this week, the studio has shared some brand new images!

Carenado has us used to a very high standard when it comes to visuals in their airplanes, and the PC-12 for MSFS seems to be no exception. We saw that already with the first batch of external shots, closely followed by the cockpit. Now, the team has given us the opportunity to have an even closer look into the welcoming environment that simmers will experience once they can get their hands on this popular business turboprop.

Carenado Pilatus PC 12 MSFS 9

Carenado Pilatus PC 12 MSFS 8

Carenado Pilatus PC 12 MSFS 7

Carenado Pilatus PC 12 MSFS 6

Carenado Pilatus PC 12 MSFS 5

Carenado Pilatus PC 12 MSFS 4

Carenado Pilatus PC 12 MSFS 3

Carenado Pilatus PC 12 MSFS 1

Once again, these new images show us the nicely-detailed cockpit, which sports a cool combination of traditional steam gauges and glass displays. Besides that, Carenado also shows us a bit more of the cabin, where corporate passengers usually enjoy a comfortable and direct flight to their destination.

Finally, this time we’re also getting an initial look into the night lighting that will be available for simmers flying after dusk.

As usual, everything looks very detailed in Carenado’s work, a key area that hardly ever disappoints in their products. We’ll have to wait for the actual release to evaluate if this PC-12 will be as deeply simulated as we’re expecting the SimWorks Studios’ version to be. Hopefully it won’t take long for Carenado to release this incredible aircraft into the wild!

For now, enjoy this new batch of images of the Carenado PC-12 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, and stay tuned for further updates over the coming weeks.