Carenado teases the Pilatus PC-12 for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Carenado has been very prolific in MSFS, with a regular stream of new airplanes coming out, culminating with the partnership with the Microsoft Flight Simulator team that resulted in the recent release of the Beechcraft Staggerwing. Since then we’ve been left somewhat in the dark when it comes to the next product from the developer, but those doubts have now been cleared: Carenado has revealed that its re-creation of the Pilatus PC-12, the popular single-engine turboprop, is coming soon to Microsoft Flight Simulator!

As usual, Carenado made this announcement through its Facebook page, along with the first teaser images of the aircraft in MSFS. It seems to be another great model from Carenado, as we are used to seeing from the team. So far there are only a few external shots, but it does look as photorealistic as they can be with the incredible engine that powers the visuals in Flight Simulator.

It’s curious to see another PC-12 in development for MSFS, after SimWorks Studios revealed their own rendition of the aircraft, with the manufacturer’s endorsement behind it. With the brilliant Kodiak 100, SWS has dramatically raised expectations for any future aircraft, so everyone is expecting to see a highly realistic PC-12 on all fronts.

Carenado Pilatus PC 12 MSFS 4

Carenado Pilatus PC 12 MSFS 3

Carenado Pilatus PC 12 MSFS 2

Carenado Pilatus PC 12 MSFS 1

As for Carenado, it’s often been downplayed as a studio that focuses more on eye-candy, rather than authenticity and systems’ depth, but we’ve honestly seen Carenado improve on those fronts with the most recent releases. So, don’t disregard Carenado’s PC-12 in favor of SWS’s just yet… especially since it’s very likely to come out first!

For now, enjoy the handful of images of Carenado’s PC-12 in MSFS, while we wait for further development updates and a possible release date. Carenado isn’t usually very communicative, but for sure we will get new images soon. And when it releases, remember that this will most certainly be a Marketplace exclusive!