See these first interior images of the Carenado PC-12 for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Carenado has been hard at work in Microsoft Flight Simulator, with a series of airplanes being developed and released both under its own name and in a partnership with the MSFS team (the Staggerwing and, more recently, the Gee Bee Model Z and Model R-2). From what we know, the studio is planning to release the Pilatus PC-12 next, the super-popular single-engined executive turboprop, which was teased earlier this month.

Now that the latest Sim Update is out of the door, a time that usually has developers scrambling to fix some unexpected consequences on their products or adjusting a ready-to-release aircraft to meet the newly introduced platform changes, Carenado is back with a small update on its PC-12. They don’t have much to say… instead, we got the first view into the cockpit!

It’s no surprise that the Carenado PC-12 looks stunning. That’s very much Carenado’s expertise, and the PC-12 appears to be no exception, with great modeling and some nice textures.

Carenado PC 12 MSFS 5

Carenado PC 12 MSFS 4

Carenado PC 12 MSFS 2

Carenado PC 12 MSFS 1

The exterior fuselage was something that we saw when Carenado shared the first news about this project. This time, the cockpit and instrument panel are the highlight of these new images. Hopefully, Carenado will integrate support for the TDS and PMS50 GTN 750 avionics, something that would be greatly appreciated by simmers looking for a more complete experience.

Console simmers will be happy to know that Carenado’s products will soon be coming to Xbox. With WASM support coming to the console of MSFS in the coming months (currently expected for Sim Update 10), we’re expecting an influx of new airplanes arriving on Xbox, which will undoubtedly include the Carenado PC-12 and most, if not every product in their line.

For now, Carenado is refraining from giving an estimate for the release. We’ve seen some Carenado planes coming out quickly after the first unveiling, while others have seemingly taken a little longer for one reason or another. It’s still early to tell how much we’ll have to wait for the Carenado PC-12, so until then enjoy these latest images. And remember, SimWorks Studios is also working on this same aircraft for MSFS! Which one are you most waiting for? Let us know in the comment section below!