IRIS Simulations working on fictional F/A-39 Vampire military jet for MSFS

Here’s an unusual airplane project for Flight Simulator. We’re used to see third-party developers working on recreating real aircraft within a simulator, and IRIS themselves have done just that for MSFS very recently, with their Jabiru. But now the team is working on bringing a fictional military jet to the new Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The F/A-39 Vampire is a concept aircraft born from the mind of Industrial Designer Rodrigo Avella, designed to be a sixth-generation aircraft for the future, with internal ordinance capabilities and the use of direct energy weaponry.

The airplane is supposed to be very fast, and it’s probably something that will test the limits of the simulator. It’s actually an interesting prospect, as it almost feels like simmers will be the test pilots of a new generation of highly advanced aircraft, quite similar to what famously has happened throughout recent decades with the legendary Skunk Works division at Lockheed Martin, which was responsible for the development of some of the most iconic and advanced airplanes of all time.

So far, IRIS didn’t share much more than the sparse details we’ve just told you about, and a single image that depicts the aircraft’s front section silhouette. But we will definitely keep an eye on this interesting new project and let you know once there’s more to share. Stay tuned!