DC Designs’ F-15 Eagle finally coming this month

The F-15 Eagle from DC Designs is a highly anticipated military jet for Flight Simulator, and we’ve been talking about it almost since the release of MSFS. While it’s been delayed after an expected release in October, it seems the time has come for simmers to enjoy this extraordinary machine.

DC Designs revealed today that this aircraft will be released between the 20th and 21st of January. All work is finished and there’s just custom sounds to be added.

There’s already a series of content creators on Youtube who have shared their experiences with this bird:

DC Designs promises that F-15 customers can expect routine and regular updates, which will become available as feedback rolls in. There’s also the expectation to add additional features and systems to the aircraft, as soon as the SDK development allows and Asobo implements the tools to develop these systems.

Pricing was also revealed, and there’s good news for existing owners of the F-15 in other platforms. For them, this updated version for MSFS will cost just £9.99 ($13.50), a significant discount over the full price of the aircraft, which will be £26.99 ($37). Just Flight will be the first publisher to release the Eagle, but it’s also expected to land on the MSFS Marketplace in the following weeks.

We can’t wait to try this amazing aircraft and see how it performs in MSFS. While the military aspect is somewhat irrelevant for this sim, it surely will be interesting to fly at supersonic speeds between the mountains of the stunning scenery Flight Simulator is capable to provide!