Get this Lufthansa livery in Ultra HD for some gorgeous A320neo screenshots

Everyone loves to fly the A320neo, specially in the FlyByWire’s A32NX version, and it’s always a treat to have a high quality livery to go with it. Many of you, fellow simmers, like to fly under your favourite airline colours, or imagine yourselves on the cockpit of your dream job in the biggest company around. And if you’re from Germany, chances are you fancy those beautiful Lufthansa blues!

As the second largest airline in Europe and one of the biggest in the world, Lufthansa’s airplanes are a well known sight across much of the Old Continent and further major international hubs. And the Airbus A320 has been the workhorse of the fleet, now being replaced by dozens of new A320neo.

Lufthansa Livery MSFS Flight SImulator

If you’re looking to fly under the insignias of Germany’s former flag carrier, look no further than this stunning high resolution livery from Operatorland468, a very detailed and realistic depiction of the design and colors of the original paint kit.

You will get two selectable liveries, representing two variants: the Gummersbach Livery (D-AIZC) and Neubrandenburg (D-AINZ).

In either case, you will be flying with a beautiful aircraft that will trigger your finger into hitting that screenshot key more times than you wish. But it will be worth it!