F-15 Eagle coming soon to MSFS

DC Designs as already teased us with the upcoming Concorde, but that’s not all they are up to when it comes to upcoming releases for Microsoft Flight Simulator. In fact, DC is working on several military aircraft, with the F-15 serving as a test-bed for the new simulator.

Although there are still some limitations, according to the developer, to bring the aircraft to MSFS, the release is expected to happen sometime in October, with further aircraft coming afterwards (FA-18 and F-14).

Apparently there are some features in MSFS that are still in development, which are crucial for proper military plane implementation. Things like heads-up displays are still work in progress from Asobo and Microsoft, as well a support for supersonic flight. Either way, DC Designs says that the airplanes look “tremendously good” and can be regularly updated, which will allow new features to be added as soon as they are available.

You can follow all DC Design’s updated in its Facebook page. For now, let’s take look at this beautiful aircraft, an absolute god in the sky: