Coming in November: DC Designs updates progress on F-15 Eagle development

Update October 23:

Great news today for the many of you (and us!) anxiously awaiting for the release of the F-15 Eagle from DC Designs. It turns out it will be released this November, which really isn’t too far off!

The dev team revealed today that the aircraft is flying high and well in MSFS, and also looking good with the new PBR textures. Moreover, it now also includes a working HUD panel, as well as afterburners! These and other breakthroughs like rain animations mean that the F-15 Eagle is now on track for a November release through Just Flight, and December for the MSFS Marketplace. Currently the team is working on animations, with the last major step being the aerodynamics.

So, many reasons to get excited. After the release of the excellent Aermacchi MB-339, we’re eager to try another military jet! But for not, some new images of this incredible aircraft:

  • f 15 msfs 007
  • f 15 msfs 001
  • f 15 msfs 006
  • f 15 msfs 005
  • f 15 msfs 004
  • f 15 msfs 003
  • f 15 msfs 002

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We’ve already introduced you to the development of the F-15 for MSFS, and today we got an update from DC Designs detailing the current status of the project.

DC Designs in currently working on converting the aircraft to native gLTF format and making progress on all the functions and animations. The F-15C is apparently “flying very well in MSFS“, with the cockpit about half-done in terms of functionality.

The head-up display is also being worked on, as well as other detailed systems. The developer also released a series of new images showing the aircraft in good detail both inside and out, although not yet with PBR textures, which should be coming soon.

No word yet on a release date, though previously DC Designs hinted at the possibility of an October release. Seems somewhat optimistic at this point, considering the progress that has been made, but in any case it should take much longer than that!

For now, the new screenshots: