Liveries Mega Pack Manager – download and install individual liveries from the Mega Pack

The Liveries Mega Pack, created by Clink123 and many other contributors, is currently the most complete, up-to-date livery pack for MSFS. Until now, the only way to get it has been to download the entire collection, and then choose which liveries you would want to install. Now there is a better way!

The Liveries Mega Pack Manager aims to make this process much easier, by allowing people to selectively download and install whichever livery they may want. No more 5gb downloads!

This new tool is also handy because it shows a preview of each aircraft, so that you know what the livery looks like before downloading/installing. While still in beta and somewhat buggy, it already works well enough to be usable.

Head to the official GitHub for further info and support, and also to the Mega Pack Discord.

livery mega pack manager 2