Random Flight Database is a free utility that helps you find new routes to fly

Random Flight Database is a unique standalone utility that produces a flight origin and destination based upon user-defined parameters.

Available for free, the utility draws from an extensive database of airport information and airline schedules for a more realistic experience, and integrates with weather and charts to provide information about the flight it has generated.

To generate a new random flight, users can specify the aircraft, destination or departure airfield, airline, flight distance or flight length. The utility will do the rest, producing a flight fitting the parameters selected. Consecutive flights can also be generated, originating at the previous arrival airport, to plan a random series of legs of a longer flight.

Random Flight Generator MSFS 02

Random Flight Generator MSFS 01

With the flight generated, the tool allows users to simply export it to SimBrief or PFPX.

While the base utility is free and draws from RadarBox, a range of optional databases are available from the developer’s online shop.


Random Flight Database is a hugely impressive standalone utility, able to assist with both deciding the origin and destination, chart and weather planning, and exporting to a flight plan tool such as SimBrief.

With more than 37,000 airports currently available within the base version of MSFS, choosing where to fly can sometimes be something of a dilemma. Even veteran users of the simulator can find themselves at a loss regarding where to explore next. This utility will be especially helpful for those users.