Airworthy Designs releases full rendition of St. Barts Airport and island for MSFS

St. Barts Gustaf III Airport (TFFJ) is one of those legendary small airfields that draw the attention of pilots from all around the world due to its very challenging approach. It’s a common destination when one is looking for a quick thrill and can often be found, in Flight Simulator, with daring pilots encircling with bigger-than-recommended airplanes, plotting a plan to put them down safely in that tiny runway below without hitting the heads of any of the onlookers.

In Microsoft Flight Simulator, St. Barts is a special “default” airport that received more attention than usual from Asobo. It’s more realistic and less generic than most airports, but it can definitely be made even more authentic. That’s what Airworthy Designs set out to do and have just released a few days ago: a detailed rendition of Gustaf III Airport along with a complete recreation of the whole island around it!

st barts airport msfs 06

st barts airport msfs 05

st barts airport msfs 04

st barts airport msfs 03

st barts airport msfs 01

The scenery can be as important for the simmer experience during an approach as the approach itself, especially in a setting such as this, in the Caribbean, with beautiful islands with lush forests and pristine beaches. In St. Barts, you’ll hardly have the time to lose focus off that runway, but the experience is always made better when it looks real, which is what Airworthy Designs hopes to offer with this new release.

The developers claim that this product was developed with realism in mind, thanks to the use of many photos from this location and the feedback from local residents. This data was used to model the whole island, which includes the airport itself, the stunning Port of Gustavia, the industrial and residential areas, and more.

If you like to test your skills at St. Barts, this new scenery from Airworthy Designs may well be worth a try for a complete upgrade to the scenery. It’s available now through Simmarket and the iniBuilds store, priced at around €18,50 + tax.