(Available now!) FSRealistic Pro comes to MSFS with proper camera effects, official VR support, and more

Update: It’s out! FSRealistic Pro is now available for MSFS. It’s priced at $35.99 for new customers, while existing owners can get this update for just $5.99.

FSRealistic, the popular effects app that brings a whole new level of immersion to Microsoft Flight Simulator, is finally getting updated with proper camera effects. After the initial launch in November, which included a simulated and somewhat unrealistic camera “shake” effect, rkApps, creators of this app, finally managed to integrate actual camera movements in FSRealistic, thanks to major advancements provided by the MSFS SDK.

When FSRealistic Core launched a few months ago, the developers clearly stated that some aspects of the product could be improved, mainly when it came to the camera effects, since, at the time, the MSFS SDK didn’t allow developers to tapper into that feature. rkApps promised timely updates once this functionality could be enhanced, which is happening now, with great and promising results.

With the upcoming v2 version of FSRealistic (which will become “Pro”, ditching the “Core” moniker), all legacy vibration effects will be replaced by proper camera effects, with new ones being added. FSRealistic provides an excellent way to enhance your flights by adding many immersive camera and sound effects, such as engine vibrations, rollout shaking effects, touchdown effects, heavy breathing sounds when pulling Gs, and much more!

Here are some of the new things coming with FSRealistic Pro:

  • All legacy vibrations effects were replaced with proper camera effects
  • VR support is now official (camera movements but not UI window in VR)
  • Gravity effect has been added
  • Front tire touchdown effect has been added
  • Breathing effect has been added
  • Multiple sounds got repaired
  • Effects tweaks and bug fixes

Q8Pilot on Youtube has a helpful first-look video about this new version of FSRealistic, where you can see these impressive new effects in action. The camera shake and movements are definitely much improved, and, as always, everything is customized to each aircraft type, with plenty of options to enable or disable some effects or change between different specific sounds. Every aircraft is supported!

FSRealistic Pro should be out in just a few hours (update: it’s out now!). Existing owners of the Core version will have access to this new version at a discounted price ($5.99) – no free update, as rkApps made clear from the beginning.

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