Milviz previews Porter PC-6 Stage 2 for MSFS

When Milviz surprise-launched the Porter PC-6 for MSFS in September of the last year, they promised it was just the beginning of a more comprehensive package that would look into incorporating additional options and features for simmers in forthcoming updates.

That initial launch version of the PC-6, dubbed “Stage 1”, brought to MSFS a more modern experience of the legendary STOL aircraft, with a G1000-powered glass cockpit that couldn’t help but feel a bit out of place with the rest of the old-school cockpit. Still, managing to overcome this modernist take on the classic PC-6, simmers found a very authentic simulation of the aircraft, including a realistic implementation of the beta mode, an essential PC-6 trick that enables fast deceleration and high rates of descent. All packaged in the highly detailed visuals we’re used to from Milviz, with great sounds as well.

Owners of the Milviz PC-6 have since been waiting for the Stage 2 release of the aircraft, which Milviz promised would bring classic steam gauges, new models with floats and tundra tires, and even more features and options to the PC-6. It has taken a bit longer than expected (the team has been quite busy!), but this week we got some news: it’s running behind schedule, but Stage 2 of the PC-6 is coming along nicely, and Milviz has a couple of images to show.

Milviz PC 6 Stage 2 MSFS 2

Milviz PC 6 Stage 2 MSFS 1

Milviz used its Facebook page to share two shots of the PC-6 cockpit, now with the G1000 glass cockpit replaced by properly-retro steam gauges. A Garmin GPS is still there, likely replaceable for a few additional options (a GTN 750 would be pretty nice, and it should be compatible), so simmers will get even more options to set up the PC-6 to their preference.

It’s good to see that Milviz didn’t forget about this aircraft, and they say we should also get some initial shots of the floaty version in the coming weeks.

Stage 2 will be a free upgrade for all existing owners of the Milviz PC-6 for MSFS, who are entitled to all future upgrades at no extra cost. However, new buyers will find a higher entry price for the PC-6 after Stage 2 is out. So, now is the chance to get this excellent airplane at a lower cost (currently $29.99) and enjoy every future update for free!