Just Flight shares new images of the Fokker F28 cockpit in MSFS

Just Flight continues slowly evolving the Fokker F28 Fellowship into another high-quality airliner for Microsoft Flight Simulator, just like they did with the 146 Professional. That’s our hope, anyway, even if the F28 may not have the broad appeal that a more modern airliner enjoys…

The F28 Fellowship has been in development for more than a year, and it kind of looks more like a side project for Just Flight, something for the team to work on between projects or as a small brake from other higher-profile airplanes. In any case, the work continues on this old, short-range twin-engined, as proven by the latest development update and a new selection of preview images, this time exclusive dedicated to the cockpit.

The last time we heard about the F28, we saw the seriously impressive passenger cabin that Just Flight is putting together for this aircraft. Now, it’s time to go inside the cockpit to check the old-school instruments and see how the team is making sure that the F28 feels as authentic as it can be in MSFS.

Just Flight F28 cockpit msfs 10

Just Flight F28 cockpit msfs 8

Just Flight F28 cockpit msfs 7

Just Flight F28 cockpit msfs 6

Just Flight F28 cockpit msfs 5

Just Flight F28 cockpit msfs 4

Just Flight F28 cockpit msfs 3

Just Flight F28 cockpit msfs 2

Just Flight F28 cockpit msfs 1

Just Flight is modeling the 4 main variants of the F-28 (Mk 1000 to 4000), and they are resorting to a real-world aircraft, located in the Fokker Technical College, to use as a reference to build the cockpit. This work is now ongoing in terms of modeling and texturing, supervised by a testing team composed of people who worked on the real F28 to ensure it all looks and feels as they remember.

It’s this attention to detail that has made Just Flight into one of the most celebrated development studios for Microsoft Flight Simulator, and it’s great to see that it’s being applied to a project such as the F28!

As a preview of this work in the flight deck, Just Flight shared with us a new selection of images that represent the unique look of the F28, sporting those classic analog gauges and a bunch of colorful annunciators and warning lights. There are also a couple of shots of the night ambiance, so you can see how this all looks after dusk.

As an old aircraft, the F28 should look like it’s been used and abused for decades, which seems to be exactly the look and feel that Just Flight is going after for this aircraft. These new images clearly show that, with worn-out textures, scratches, and other signs of abuse that come naturally after so many years of service.

The F28 Fellowship is one of the several projects that Just Flight is working on for MSFS, a list that includes the more modern Fokker 70 and 100, but also the Tornado, the PA-38 Tomahawk, or even FS Traffic, a new AI traffic solution for MSFS that we wrote about just yesterday. As for the F28, it’s still very much a work in progress, with no known estimated release date. So, enjoy the latest images of this classic bird in MSFS, and stay tuned for further updates over the coming months!