Just Flight confirms development of the Tornado for MSFS with first set of images

Just Flight has confirmed the development of another military airplane for Microsoft Flight Simulator. As we reported first-hand earlier this month, the Panavia Tornado GR1 is now being worked on by the talented team at Just Flight, following highly successful releases for MSFS such as the BAe 146 Professional and the Hawk T1.

The Tornado will be a perfect step-up from the Hawk T1, a fast low-level flyer that will allow simmers to travel across vast expanses of the beautiful MSFS scenery at low altitudes. With its mighty silhouette and variable-sweep wing, the Tornado is an awesome-looking aircraft that will undoubtedly be rendered appropriately by Just Flight for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

In the official short announcement by the developers (more details about the project should be released soon), Just Flight promises a highly detailed model that makes use of 8K textures inside and out. Those looking for a rich and authentic experience will be happy to know that, yet again, Just Flight is implementing “study-level” systems functionality in the Tornado for MSFS.

Just Flight Tornado MSFS 7

Just Flight Tornado MSFS 6

Just Flight Tornado MSFS 5

Just Flight Tornado MSFS 4

Just Flight Tornado MSFS 3

Just Flight Tornado MSFS 1

To go along with this official announcement, Just Flight also shared an initial set of work-in-progress images of the Tornado. These depict the beautifully detailed external fuselage, as well as a glimpse into the cockpit. If previous releases of the Tornado for older platforms are of any indication, we’re looking at a virtual model based on the ZA465 ‘Foxy Killer’, one of the most distinguished Tornados in the Royal Air Force for its services during the Gulf War. We’ll have to wait for further details from Just Flight to confirm this suspicion.

If you’ve been following our regular updates about Just Flight’s projects for MSFS, you’re undoubtedly aware of the impending release of the Piper Tomahawk, which the team has recently promised will be their “best GA aircraft yet” for MSFS. After that, we know that Just Flight will focus on finishing FS Traffic, a promising new AI traffic solution, while work continues on new aircraft, such as the previously-announced Fokker F28 Fellowship and now also the Tornado.

Just Flight promises to keep us updated on the development of the Tornado for MSFS, but don’t hold out hopes for a release anytime soon. As always, we’ll follow this project with attention and bring you any meaningful updates once they become available!