The Short Stirling, RAF’s first four-engined bomber, is out now for MSFS

Virtavia, a developer known for the creation of many classic military aircraft for FSX, P3D, and X-Plane, has finally hit the road with the release of its first remastered classic military aircraft for MSFS. The Short Stirling, the first RAF four-engined bomber of the Second World War, was released today for Microsoft Flight Simulator with the promise of being “the most realistic depiction of the Short Stirling ever created“.

The Short Stirling was extensively by the RAF in bombing raids over Germany during the early years of World War II. However, it was soon found to be underpowered and had a relatively low operational ceiling compared to other bombers of the same era. It was also prone to structural problems, which led to a number of crashes.

Despite these issues, the Short Stirling remained in service until the end of the war, mainly in a secondary role as a transport aircraft. A total of 2,371 Short Stirlings were built, making it one of the most numerous British bombers of the war.

Virtavia Short Stirling MSFS 5

Virtavia Short Stirling MSFS 4

Virtavia Short Stirling MSFS 3

Virtavia Short Stirling MSFS 2

Virtavia is now bringing the Short Stirling to MSFS, featuring PBR materials and textures throughout. The developer states that this aircraft has been tested for VR compatibility and has a Wwise soundscape that includes Hercules engine sounds, switch/knob clicks, and more. The cockpit is also very detailed, with numerous animations and interactive controls, including a working Lorentz Indicator, togglable crew ladder and crew figures. The animated cockpit windows, bomb bay doors in both wings and fuselage, and animated cowl flaps should help the airplane feel alive in the simulator.

Virtavia promises an authentic flight model for the Short Stirling, created to provide users with a realistic flying experience with regard to handling characteristics and performance. Additionally, the aircraft comes with a 28-page illustrated User Operating Manual, which provides detailed information on the aircraft’s operation, including procedures for starting up, taking off, landing, and more.

Virtavia Short Stirling MSFS 7

Virtavia Short Stirling MSFS 6

Virtavia Short Stirling MSFS 8

The Virtavia Short Stirling comes to MSFS in three variants: the Stirling Mk.1, Stirling Mk.3, and Stirling Mk.4. Each variant represents different manufacturers that built this aircraft and its specific period and origin in England.

Overall, the brand new Virtavia Short Stirling for MSFS seems to be another interesting vintage warbird that many simmers will be keen to add to their virtual aviation collection. The first reviews should follow soon, so stay tuned to learn more about Virtavia’s debut in MSFS and how this first project fares against the existing offerings in the simulator!

The Short Stirling to MSFS is available now at SimMarket for €25 + tax ($26.60 USD, 21.95 GBP).