Just Flight announces Fokker F28 Fellowship for Flight Simulator

Just Flight has announced today a surprising new aircraft for MSFS, a Dutch regional airliner from the 1960s: the Fokker F28 Fellowship!

The Fokker F28 is a twin-engine jet-airliner, used for short routes and a successor to the F27 Friendship. Arguably less successful than its turboprop predecessor, the F28 Fellowship still went on to have a long operating life, with some units still flying commercially in the last decade.

Following the release of the Piper Arrow III (and Turbo Arrows), and the upcoming Hawk T1/A, Just Flight is now actively developing this new airplane for MSFS, which belongs to a category that is surely lacking some variety in the sim. Aerosoft did release the excellent CRJ not too long ago (with the 900/1000 variants coming soon), but other than that MSFS doesn’t have many quality options for regional jets.

In the newly published product entry of Just Flight’s “In Development” blog, the studio detailed their intentions with the F28 development, what to expect from it, and the current state of the project.

Fokker F28 Fellowship MSFS 5

Fokker F28 Fellowship MSFS 4

Fokker F28 Fellowship MSFS 3

Fokker F28 Fellowship MSFS 2

Fokker F28 Fellowship MSFS 1

The goal is to release four variants of the F28 Fellowship, the 1000 to the 4000 series, with a native model that uses high-resolution textures and realistic animations such as wing flex, doors and the unusual air brakes installed on the tail.

On the inside, Just Flight promises to have nearly all switches, knobs and levers functional. The F28 will also feature a custom autopilot and a variety of simulated systems such as hydraulics, the electric system, fuel, and more. As with the PA-28R Arrow III, the F28 will be an authentic-looking machine, with wear and tear based on photographs of real aircraft. This immersion will be augmented with custom sounds and a highly realistic flight model. If things turn out to be as good as they did with the Arrows, we are surely in for a very rewarding experience flying this airliner.

With these initial details, Just Flight also released a few images showing the aircraft inside Flight Simulator. All we can see is the external model, which does look very much like a work-in-progress.

No information was given about an expected timeline for a release, as is typical from Just Flight, but we will continue to follow the development of this very interesting new airplane for MSFS and will let you know once we hear of any new developments. Stay tuned!