Here are the first images of the CRJ 900/1000, from Aerosoft

The very successful CRJ 550/700 release from Aerosoft is not yet complete. After the initial launch of the shorter variants of the regional airliner, the team is now working on the stretched versions: the CRJ900, which is a stretched version of the 700, and CRJ1000, which is basically a longer 900.

Mathijs Kok, Aerosoft’s Project Manager, shared this week the very first images of the CRJ 900/1000 on the studio’s official forum. This is an all new fuselage, with new wings and belly, as expected given that these stretched versions have longer fuselage plugs fore and aft of the wings, when compared to the 700.

With these new models also come some new liveries: SAS, Air Nostrum, Air France Hop! and the SkyWest 35th anniversary livery.

We’ve known since the beginning that Aerosoft planned to release these stretched versions some time after the initial release, with an estimate of about 3 months following the base package launch. The price of this add-on is also already established, at 16,75€. Note that you will need to have the previously launched base package of the CRJ.