Aerosoft finally releases the CRJ 550/700 for Flight Simulator

After months of teasing (and much hype), Aerosoft finally released today their hugely awaited CRJ Series for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This is the first third-party high-quality airliner to be available in MSFS, and is looking to be a showcase of many of the great new technologies available in the new sim. After all, during the entire development process, Aerosoft worked extremely closely with Asobo and Microsoft in order to get things done.

As previously announced, these first variants of the CRJ are now available for 42€ (+ tax). You can get it straight from Aerosoft, or from the built-in Marketplace in Flight Simulator. The future 900/1000 variants will be available for an additional 16,75€ upon release.

Note that in these first few hours there’s a high possibility for Aerosoft’s servers to overload, so be patient if you can’t load the online store.

If you missed it, make sure to check the series of official tutorial videos by The Dude, which will prove to be very useful for those unfamiliar with the aircraft. Savvy pilots, though, will likely feel right at home. After all, Aerosoft is promising a deep simulation here, with all the necessary features to please the most demanding simmers.

During the development process, we had access to some really interesting insider information, regularly made available by Aerosoft’s Mathijs Kok. We came to learn that the CRJ doesn’t make use of traditional textures, relying instead on ‘decals’, which allow unprecedented levels of detail, by enabling textures to be “glued” on top of each other. Developers no longer need to create single high-resolution textures, which are more taxing to simmers’ hardware, because by using decals details can be added on top of surface textures. This means that the level of detail is not limited by technical limitations, but by how long people work on it.

The CRJ includes a very complete EFB, which enables multiples features and settings that can be activated and customized. Many things such as the checklists, cargo and fuel weight and distribution, door operations, and many, many additional options can be configured here.

So, here it is everyone. Finally! Something new to entertain you for many hours to come. Enjoy!