Just Flight posts fantastic new images of the Fokker F28 for MSFS

Just Flight continues on a roll in Microsoft Flight Simulator, with a continuous stream of exciting new releases and aircraft previews for the foreseeable future. One of those upcoming projects is the F28 Fellowship, the old-school regional jetliner unveiled by Just Flight exactly one year ago.

After some months of silence in terms of development updates, this week we finally got some news from the team, with a fascinating collection of images that, while not particularly revealing about the aircraft’s simulation authenticity, does provide a clear indication of what Just Flight is trying to achieve in terms of visual fidelity.

We’re used to seeing preview images from developers that showcase their work in the external model or in the cockpit, the two main areas where simmers like to enjoy exquisite details and visual realism. An area of the aircraft that is often overlooked, with good reason (performance), is the passenger cabin. While it’s nice to have something there that somewhat resembles the passenger compartment, this is undoubtedly an area that virtual airliner simmers don’t pay much attention to. All the action happens at the front, after all.

Just Flight F28 Fellowship cabin MSFS 5

Just Flight F28 Fellowship cabin MSFS 4

Just Flight F28 Fellowship cabin MSFS 3

Just Flight F28 Fellowship cabin MSFS 2

Interestingly, it seems we are now seeing some development teams taking some time to create increasingly detailed and realistic cabins. We saw that in the Fenix A320, for example, and Just Flight appears tempted to follow on their tracks with the F28 Fellowship. That’s the focus of the latest selection of images sent to us by Just Flight: an incredibly detailed cabin!

The graphical standard here is quite high and a clear departure from most efforts from other developers. Future owners of the Just Flight F28 for MSFS (1000 to 4000 variants) will get the chance to walk down a brand-new virtual cabin, featuring very detailed 3D modeling and textures, as seen in the inviting seats, large windows, and functional overhead cargo bins.

Besides this fantastic rendition of the F28’s cabin, which we hope won’t compromise the performance of the whole package, Just Flight is also working to bring this exquisite attention to detail to the cockpit and other areas of the F28. It’s something we saw in previous teaser shots, but also in the recently announced Fokker 100, which will share similar levels of quality to its older brother.

The F28 has been in development for quite some time, but Just Flight still has some work to do for the aircraft to finally be ready to launch in MSFS. However, the team is confident that a release will happen this year, for sure, so it will only be a matter of a few months until we finally get this “new” high-quality airliner for MSFS.