FlyByWire A32NX updated with entirely custom fly-by-wire, autopilot and autothrust systems

The highly popular A32NX is getting its biggest update yet. Stable version 0.7.0 is now available and features a completely revamped series of systems, in what is the most significant update yet of the A32NX for MSFS.

The FlyByWire team has worked tirelessly over the last few months to create entirely custom fly-by-wire, autopilot and autothrust systems, which are now being released on the stable branch of the aircraft. The team is confident in its new custom code, which has been thoroughly tested by the real pilots in the team as well as the QA team.

This new version of the A32NX features the aforementioned major changes on the systems, as well as a reworked flight model, custom pressurization, hydraulic and ADIRS systems, overhauled avionics, reworked cockpit textures, and much more. It’s a massive release that should significantly improve the airplane, following with FlyByWire’s continuous goal to enhance the A320neo simulation in MSFS and added new features.

The full release notes and details about what’s new can be seen on the official FlyByWire website. These are the highlights:

  • Entirely custom fly-by-wire, autopilot and autothrust systems, written from the ground up to incredible accuracy.
  • Reworked flight model using real-world data, adapted to our custom flight systems.
  • Custom LEAP 1A-26 engine performance model.
  • Entirely custom automatic pressurisation, hydraulic and ADIRS systems.
  • Significant overhaul to avionics system, including more accurate symbology and improved frame rates.
  • flyPadOS 2: New layout, Navigraph charts, landing performance calculator, aircraft configuration options.
  • Entirely reworked cockpit texturing, with realistic amounts of wear for an A320neo.
  • Improved soundscape – entirely custom sound pack with 100% custom samples.

As usual, the update is available through the installer or the website.