Just Flight shares superb new images of its Fokker F28 Fellowship

Just Flight has been sharing the progress of their work on the Fokker F28 Fellowship, the old dutch airliner that will land in MSFS sometime later this year. The teasing continues with increasingly interesting sets of new images. After first showing the cockpit with some night shots a couple of weeks ago, Just Flight has now revealed the F28’s cockpit look and feel in all its glory.

The F28 Fellowship is now more than 50 years old, and this shows on the virtual version that Just Flight is creating for MSFS. The instrument panel is very used, worn, scratched, even a little dirty at times. It’s a testament to the old story of these airplanes and makes for a more realistic and immersive feeling when working with all the knobs and switches that can be seen throughout.

Besides the very detailed cockpit, seen here in several angles and with different levels of proximity, the developers also provide some cool new views over the exterior. Textures are very good looking both inside and out, something that we are used to seeing after Just Flight’s previous successful releases for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator: the Piper Arrow III/IV and the Warrior II. They have a certain look to them that we feel can now easily be identified with Just Flight’s work.

Fokker F28 Fellowship MSFS 7.jpg

Fokker F28 Fellowship MSFS 6.jpg

Fokker F28 Fellowship MSFS 5.jpg

Fokker F28 Fellowship MSFS 4.jpg

Fokker F28 Fellowship MSFS 1.jpg

Fokker F28 Fellowship MSFS 2.jpg

As a quick summary, Just Flight will deliver four variants of the F28, the 1000 to 4000, modeled with realism and immersion in mind. Nearly all switches and buttons will be functional, with custom-coded systems such as the autopilot, hydraulics, electric, and more.

All the info you need about this project can be found on the official development page, handily published by Just Flight for all our pleasure. In the meantime, stay tuned for further news about the Hawk T-1A, which should be the next release from Just Flight for MSFS.