Increase the variety of leisure boats in MSFS with the latest update to Vessels: Enhanced AI

Seafront Simulations has done a lot to bring waterbodies to life in Microsoft Flight Simulator, with more and better-looking boats that populate specific regions of the world or enhance the default system with improved models and real-world routes. Vessels: Enhanced AI is one of those products, as it replaces the stock boats with much-improved models. The latest version, released just a few days ago, brings this to another level, adding an even greater variety of leisure ships that can be seen in the simulator!

Vessels: Enhanced AI v2.0 was published in the MSFS Marketplace last week, but it’s been available through Orbx Direct for a little longer (go check for the update if you haven’t got it yet!). It comes with a nice selection of new features and changes, starting with a significant boost in the number of boats that can be seen with the “Leisure Boat Traffic” option in MSFS.

This update also improves the regional accuracy of the mod, so that you should now see more appropriate types of boats depending on the region, such as traditional Asian fishing boats in Asia, or yachts in the Mediterranean.

With this increased variety of leisure boats, simmers should now find yachts, catamarans, fishing boats, cruise ships, cargo ships, and more types when flying above busy bodies of water. Seafront Simulations promises that the high-quality PBR models are also optimized in terms of LOD, an important consideration when it comes to performance. Thankfully, large ships should be visible from high altitudes, so it’s perfectly possible that you’ll be able to spot a large cruise ship from FL400!

Sadly, Vessels: Enhanced AI continues to be a no-go for Xbox. Seafront Simulations says they continue working with Asobo to bring this product to the console. Unfortunately, the functionality is currently broken by a bug on Xbox, which needs the input of the MSFS team to get fixed.

Vessels: Enhanced AI v2.0 is available now as a free update to existing customers.

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Key features:

  • Now includes more than 50 boats to replace the handful of default moving boats
  • Includes High Quality, PBR models
  • More regionally accurate and balanced models
  • Navigation and night lighting as standard
  • Optimised with multiple LODs
  • Sailing yachts, catamarans, motor yachts, fishing, utility, cruise, cargo ships of different types and more.
  • Large ships visible at high altitude 30,000ft+
  • Includes wakes and smoke VFX