FlyTampa updates Las Vegas Scenery for MSFS with animated MGM Sphere

When Microsoft Flight Simulator was released in the summer of 2020, it didn’t take long for FlyTampa to bring us their detailed rendition of Las Vegas Airport and a significant overhaul of the city itself. But, with Vegas being the vibrant and dynamic place it is, 3 years is a long time and there have been some notable changes in the city, such as the famous addition of the striking MGM Sphere to the cityscape, or the opening of the Circa Resort and Casino.

Well, FlyTampa didn’t want MSFS simmers to miss out on the fun and decided to release a major update to its Las Vegas scenery. A highlight of this update is, of course, the inclusion of the animated MGM Sphere, featuring multiple projections that are particularly eye-catching for pilots flying in and out of the local airport.

Beyond the Sphere, FlyTampa has introduced animations to several important landmarks. The World Resorts, the Mirage Volcano’s lava effects, the Circa Hotel wall, and the Las Vegas monorail have all been given dynamic updates, further enhancing the visual appeal of the city.

flytampa klas vegas v2 msfs

But this update is not just about visual enhancements to the Las Vegas skyline. It also includes practical improvements to Harry Reid International Airport. These enhancements range from improved jetway animations and accurate AI parking codes to performance enhancements and updates to airport static jets. Additionally, updates to apron clutter, Caesars Conference Center, the Las Vegas Convention Center, and improved animations of the Bellagio fountains all contribute to a more authentic and detailed experience for simmers.

Those who own the original version of this product can get this comprehensive update for free on FlyTampa’s website, SimMarket, Orbx, and should soon come to the MSFS Marketplace. For everyone else, FlyTampa’s Vegas for MSFS is available for purchase for $21.99.

Vegas v2 Changelog:

  • KLAS airport updates
  • AI parking codes update
  • Performance enhancements
  • Improved Jetway animations
  • MGM Sphere (animated with multiple projections)
  • Harry Reid temporary signage updates
  • Improved apron clutter
  • Airport static jets update
  • Caesars Conference Center
  • Animated Las Vegas monorail
  • Las Vegas Convention Center
  • Circa Hotel (including wall animation and Stadium swim)
  • Improved Bellagio fountains animation
  • World Resorts wall animation
  • Mirage Volcano lava effects
  • Park MGM updated