First preview of the PMDG 777 for Microsoft Flight Simulator released

PMDG has released the first preview image of its upcoming Boeing 777 for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Founder and CEO Robert Randazzo initially said on the PMDG forum, coupled with an update to the PMDG tablet: “There are a few other projects that are rolling up on critical stages of their development and release cycles. Previews are being prepared- and I’m looking forward to welcoming you into the hangar with a glass of egg-nog in hand.”

Approximately 24 hours later however, he returned to the forum post, saying that while he had hoped to make “a ton of progress on the new product previews” the previous week, “I spent nearly 22hrs in calls with various members of the PMDG team, Boeing, accountants, lawyers, three software vendors we rely upon.”

He accompanied this with the first screenshot of the PMDG 777 inside MSFS, showcasing the aircraft’s iconic six-wheel main landing gear in impressive levels of detail. One of the engines can be seen behind the landing gear.

No further information on release date or pricing was disclosed. Following the release of its 737NG and DC-6 for MSFS, the 777 is likely PMDG’s most anticipated upcoming aircraft, and one of the few known high quality long-haul aircraft known to be in development for the sim.

PMDG 777 Pretty Tired