Fokker 100 and 70 announced by Just Flight, coming to MSFS in 2023

Just Flight has revealed yet another airplane for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The British studio has been completely unstoppable with frequent great releases for MSFS, and there’s no sign of them slowing down. This time, Just Flight announced the development of the Fokker 100 for MSFS, a project currently aimed for 2023.

This will not be the first Fokker developed by Just Flight for MSFS. In fact, we’ve been following its older brother come to life, albeit at a slow pace. The F28 Fellowship has been shown to us a few times already and continues to be worked on by the team, who are now looking to expand the range of Fokker aircraft in MSFS with the addition of the 100 and the shorter 70 variant.

Just Flight shared the news on their Facebook page, taking the opportunity to also share the first batch of work-in-progress images of the aircraft. Needlessly to say, at this point, Just Flight aims to recreate the Fokker with meticulous detail, not only from a visual standpoint but also concerning the actual simulation of the aircraft’s operations and flight dynamics. Just like we saw with the 146 Professional, one of the very best airliners currently available in the sim.

Just Flight Fokker 100 MSFS 10

Just Flight Fokker 100 MSFS 9

Just Flight Fokker 100 MSFS 8

Just Flight Fokker 100 MSFS 7

Just Flight Fokker 100 MSFS 5

Just Flight Fokker 100 MSFS 4

Just Flight Fokker 100 MSFS 3

Just Flight Fokker 100 MSFS 2

Just Flight Fokker 100 MSFS 1

These first few images show us the familiar fuselage of the Fokker 100, as well as a glimpse into the unique flight deck. While still an early work, the levels of quality and detail are already quite appreciable, and we can’t wait to see this project evolve over the coming months!

Just Flight says this project is still in its early days, looking ahead to a release for MSFS sometime next year. They will surely share frequent development updates from now on, so stay tuned for further news down the line.

In the meantime, the team has other airplanes in more advanced stages of development. The PA-38 Tomahawk should be the next one out, possibly followed by the F28. And don’t forget about the Tornado, which we know is also being developed in the background, albeit without an official announcement or preview images yet.

As always, we’ll be bringing you all the latest news from Just Flight, which is now among the top development houses for Microsoft Flight Simulator and continues to bring consistently high-quality products that deserve the full attention of the community. Stay tuned!