Milviz teases its first helicopter for MSFS, the Huey UH-1H

Milviz may have just released its brilliant C310R a few days ago, but the team has many other exciting products in development for the MSFS crowd. These include the ATR-72, the SR-71, the Skyraider, the Beaver… and also the Huey UH-1H, which is set to be the first Milviz helicopter to launch for Microsoft Flight Simulator!

We’ve known for a while that the Huey was part of the Milviz product roadmap for MSFS and that it was in very active development. It seems Milviz is now getting ready to share more information about this project, starting with the first couple of teaser shots that were just published on their social media.

These two initial images show the familiar Huey fuselage, one of the best-known and easily recognizable military helicopters of all time. Milviz is clearly looking to deliver a version of the Huey that has seen its fair share of action, with plenty of worn-out textures. This is entirely appropriate since this helicopter has operated in some of the most challenging conditions.

Milviz Huey MSFS 1

What’s also apparent is the typical Milviz attention to detail in the modeling and texturing. As we’ve seen with the 310R and even the PC-6 and the Corsair, the team is capable of some genuinely high-fidelity visuals that take full advantage of the rendering capabilities in MSFS for the utmost virtual aviation eye candy.

The beautiful graphics are mostly what we can gather from these first teaser shots, but Milviz will surely look into baking some serious programming behind the impressive visuals. Milviz is counting with the help of FlyInside on the flight model (they did the Bell 47 for MSFS, one of the best early helicopters for the sim), and the team has raised the bar with each new product for MSFS, bringing a deep, challenging and rewarding simulation along with the stunning models. The Huey UH-1H should be no exception. After all, this has already been a beloved product in the Milviz line over the years, with successful releases for FSX and P3D.

We hope to bring you more news soon about the Milviz Huey for MSFS. The team hopes to release it by the end of the year, but with no promises. For now, enjoy these two first images of the aircraft, and don’t forget to check out the 310R, a truly spectacular airplane that has quickly become one of the best in the sim!