Take a look at these new images of the Milviz ATR 72-600 for MSFS

Milviz continues to work on multiple fronts, developing a variety of airplanes for Microsoft Flight Simulator after the successful release of the Corsair and more recently the Porter PC-6. One of those ongoing projects is the ATR 72-600, a promising turboprop regional airliner that aims to fill a gap in the current airplane offerings for MSFS.

We’ve seen the Milviz ATR 72 a couple of times already, with the first teaser images and a more comprehensive set of shots from a month ago. Those images showed the typical high-quality work that we’ve come to expect from Milviz, reflected in the beautiful external model of the aircraft in MSFS. Since then, new images have surfaced, which we are sharing with you today, serving as proof that the work continues on this project.

These new shots, coming from a WIP Beta Build, were shared on the official Flight Simulator forums. Along with these, it was also revealed that Milviz is actually working on the smaller ATR 42, as well as the earlier –500 model.

Milviz ATR 72 600 MSFS 7

Milviz ATR 72 600 MSFS 6

Milviz ATR 72 600 MSFS 5

Milviz ATR 72 600 MSFS 3

Milviz ATR 72 600 MSFS 2

Milviz ATR 72 600 MSFS 1

While we’ve seen the cockpit before, it’s the external fuselage that has been previewed the most so far. Milviz hasn’t shared much when it comes to specific details about this product, other than a few bits here and there, but we’re pretty certain it will be a very impressive aircraft. It will be interesting to see how it will compare with the previously announced Asobo ATR 42/72, which we know is being developed to a high-quality standard as well.

Besides the ATR, Milviz is also working on a few additional airplanes for MSFS, such as the Cessna 310, the DHC-2 Beaver, the SR-71 Blackbird, or the A-1H Skyraider. In fact, they’ve said that the idea is to eventually bring most of the company’s portfolio to MSFS. To get an idea of what airplanes these might be, check our regularly updated list of aircraft under development for MSFS.